Focus areas

We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions to address the unique challenges faced by the stakeholders in the microfinance and financial inclusion sector. Following is an overview of the services offered by us in this domain

  • Risk Management advisory
  • Social performance & ESG advisory
  • Investment due diligence
  • Trainings
  • Technological solutions
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  • Training workshops
  • Trainings need assessment
  • Training content development
  • Financial literacy training
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At M2i, we understand the critical importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in today's business landscape.

  • Drafting ESG and CSR Policies
  • Transitioning ESG Theory to Action
  • Preparing ESG Reports
  • Designing CSR Programs and Strategy
  • Impact Evaluation of CSR Projects
  • Technological Solutions for Measuring ESG Outcomes
  • Designing Theory of Change
  • Social Return on Investments (SROI)
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  • Designing Microenterprise and MSME-Focused Projects
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Microenterprises and MSME Focused Projectss
  • Developing Focused Capacity Building Programs for Microenterprises
  • Developing Loan Products for Microenterprises
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  • Market research
  • Impact assessment research
  • Customer feedback research
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  • Identifying Business Niche
  • Structuring Governance
  • Designing Management and Control Systems
  • Training and Capacity Building Initiatives
  • Sustainability Assessment
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Technology solutions

M2i offers a number of technology solutions to improve efficiency and
effectiveness of enterprises and projects.


Internal audit & Risk

  • Get organisation wide overview of the status of risks, controls and compliances
  • Centrally plan, track and review audits and risk management activities
  • Enhance efficiency & transition to completely paperless operations
  • Ensure compliance with rules, policies and regulations

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Learning Management

  • AI enabled face matching system to ensure integrity of quizzes
  • Centrally plan and track your trainings
  • Mobile and web applications for learners to access trainings
  • Flexible design options for the training courses
  • Issue certificates, badges and points

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CSR & ESG project
monitoring and evaluation

  • Real time project monitoring and reporting
  • Data collection using mobile apps and web interface
  • Integrity assurance of collected data
  • Project level custom dashboards and analytics
  • Project specific app environment

Thought leadership

  • Code of conduct assessment of Microfinance Institutions
  • Risk Management framework for Microfinance Institutions
  • Bank linkage of VSLAs in Africa
  • M2i has been a global pioneer in Code of Conduct Assessment of microfinance institutions.
  • Developed the code of conduct assessment tool and piloted this across eight MFIs under a World Bank-SIDBI project. Later, also harmonised the COCA tools being used by various rating agencies.
  • Code of Conduct Assessment has now become mainstream and is used in assessment of MFIs.
  • Introduced the concept of hidden delinquency to measure credit risks in microfinance institutions following group based methodologies.
  • Under an IFC supported project, developed a risk management framework for the microfinance institutions. Helped several microfinance institutions in implementing this framework. The framework helped many such microfinance institutions transform in to a Small Finance Bank.
  • First to identify risks associated with informal agents in microfinance institutions and suggest corrective measures.
  • Emphasised on the need to diversify loan portfolio early on in the evolution of microfinance.
  • Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs) are community groups of 20-30 economically active women who come together for their savings and loan requirements.
  • On behalf of CARE, M2i prepared a model to link these VSLAs to the financial institutions so as to enable access to wide range of financial products from formal financial institutions using technology.
  • Pioneered in Kenya, the VSLA Bank linkage model is now being used by CARE in over 10 countries of Africa and Asia.
  • Training field cadre has always been a challenge for the institutions on account of lack of standardised training content and capable trainers as well as high costs involved in delivering classroom trainings.
  • M2i developed mobile and video apps and standardised contents for training and assessment of these field staff.
  • Over 45,000 field staff of various financial institutions have been using M2i’s application and content.
  • Internal Audit and Risk Management in most of the organisations have traditionally been done using pen, paper and spreadsheets. This limits effectiveness and decision-making.
  • M2i has developed a software solution to digitise internal audit and risk management functions.
  • This application has improved data management, analytics and decision making and overall control and risk management environment in the organisations where this is being used.

    M2i has developed a model of performing primary research which ensures accurate data collection, rigorous analysis and clear reporting. We call this model M2IDEA. It includes:

  • Optimal sampling strategy in line with research objectives
  • Simple questionnaires that avoid respondent fatigue and fetch accurate data
  • Training enumerators on data collection and data collection pilots
  • Data entry in validated forms to eliminate data-entry errors
  • Appropriate statistical analysis for robust and significant inferences
  • Clear presentation of results
  • Use of technology to train field cadre
  • Technological solution for Internal audit and Risk Management
  • M2IDEA: Measurement, Modelling and Interpretation of Data for Effective Actions

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Our clients

M2i has served variety of clients including multilateral and bilateral funding
agencies, equity investors, NGOs, Banks as well as Non-Bank Financial Institutions.