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We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions to address the unique challenges faced by the stakeholders in the microfinance and financial inclusion sector. Following is an overview of the services offered by us in this domain

Risk Management in Microfinance

Our Risk Management in Microfinance advisory services help microfinance institutions manage risks and enhance operational efficiency. Our services include

  • Development of a robust risk management framework
  • Loan portfolio audits
  • Root cause analysis of frauds to identify vulnerabilities
  • Policies and processes to detect and prevent frauds
  • Training workshops on Risk Management best practices
  • Designing Internal Audit framework for effective oversight
  • Software solutions for managing internal audits
  • Designing RCSA (Risk Control Self-Assessment) framework

Social Performance &
ESG Advisory

We believe in creating sustainable social impact through microfinance. Our Social Performance & ESG advisory services include

  • Focused Impact assessment studies to measure social outcomes
  • Designing CSR programs for the welfare of microfinance clients
  • Developing financial education programs for clients
  • Establishing an effective client grievance redressal mechanism
  • Advisory on incorporating Client Protection Principles
  • Developing Social Performance Policy for responsible practices
  • Developing ESG policy, reports, and tools
  • Designing products tailored to address specific client needs (e.g., housing, water, sanitation, education, skilling)
  • Conducting client-focused research to inform strategy

Investment Due

Our Investment Due Diligence services help investors assess the viability and risk profile of microfinance institutions. Our services include

  • Assessment of lending processes to evaluate efficiency and effectiveness
  • Loan portfolio audits to identify potential risks and opportunities
  • Evaluation of Risk Management Practices for sound risk mitigation strategies
  • Code of Conduct Assessment (COCA) to ensure ethical practices
  • Assessment of adherence to Client Protection Principles
  • Assessment of adherence to the Fair Practices Code

Training of Staff in Microfinance Sector

We provide comprehensive training of staff in microfinance sector to strengthen the skills and capabilities of microfinance professionals. Our offerings include:

  • Training workshops on technical aspects and soft skills
  • Conducting training needs assessments to identify knowledge gaps
  • Developing engaging and informative training content
  • Implementing Learning Management Software for efficient staff training


We offer innovative technological solutions to optimize microfinance operations. Our expertise includes

  • Software solutions for managing internal audit function
  • Learning Management Software to facilitate staff training
  • Software for managing and tracking CSR projects

Impact Assessment in Microfinance

Elevating our commitment to social responsibility, we conduct focused Impact Assessment in Microfinance studies to measure social outcomes, design CSR programs, and establish effective client grievance redressal mechanisms. Our goal is to ensure sustainable social impact while addressing the unique needs of microfinance clients.

Drive transformative change with our expert impact assessment in microfinance services tailored for microfinance institutions.
Trust us for meticulous analysis and strategic recommendations to amplify your impact in the microfinance sector.

At M2i, we are committed to empowering microfinance institutions with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in the industry.

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