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ESG and CSR Advisory

Driving Sustainable Success

At M2i, we understand the critical importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in today's business landscape. ESG encompasses a comprehensive framework that evaluates a company's operations, identifying both risks and opportunities that directly impact its ability to create long-term value. With our extensive expertise and tailored solutions, we empower organizations to embrace ESG and CSR as drivers of sustainable success.

Here is an overview of our services in the domain of ESG and CSR advisory

Drafting ESG and CSR Policies

We assist companies in developing robust ESG and CSR policies that align with industry best practices and regulatory requirements. We collaborate closely with the organisations to tailor policies that address specific environmental, social, and governance challenges faced by the organizations.

Transitioning ESG Theory to Action

We guide companies in translating ESG theory into actionable strategies. By conducting thorough assessments of current practices and identifying key areas for improvement, we help implement practical measures that integrate sustainability and responsibility into core business operations.

Preparing ESG Reports

Our team specializes in crafting comprehensive ESG reports that effectively communicate your organization's sustainability efforts and performance. We assist in collecting, analyzing, and presenting relevant data and key performance indicators (KPIs), enabling you to demonstrate transparency and accountability to stakeholders.

Designing CSR Programs and Strategy

We collaborate with organisations to design impactful CSR programs and strategies tailored to their unique values, culture, and business objectives. Our approach emphasizes the identification of relevant social and environmental issues, stakeholder engagement, and the alignment of CSR initiatives with organizational mission.

Impact Evaluation of CSR Projects

We provide rigorous evaluation services to assess the social and environmental impact evaluation of CSR projects. By employing a range of evaluation methodologies, including qualitative and quantitative assessments, we help you measure the effectiveness and outcomes of CSR initiatives, enabling data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement.

Technological Solutions for Measuring ESG Outcomes

Our expertise extends to leveraging cutting-edge technologies for measuring and monitoring ESG outcomes. We assist in implementing innovative tools and platforms that streamline data collection, automate reporting processes, and enhance the accuracy and efficiency of ESG performance measurement.

Theory of change in CSR Programs

Our consulting services encompass the design and development of a robust Theory of change in CSR programs framework for ESG and CSR initiatives. We work closely with stakeholders to map out the intended outcomes, identify the necessary interventions, and establish the causal links between activities, outputs, outcomes, and impacts.

Social Return on Investments (SROI)

Our SROI services enable organisations to quantitatively assess the social value created by organizations’ activities. By analyzing the social, environmental, and economic outcomes of projects, we help organisations understand the holistic impact of investments, allowing for informed decision-making and enhanced stakeholder engagement