Anxieties of Field Staff of MFIs

Anxiety at workplace is an important area of attention for HR departments, globally Excessive anxiety impacts productivity, causes attrition and impacts mental health of employees.

Anxiety occurs in a wide range of circumstances and made worse when employees feel that they have little support from supervisors and colleagues.

MFIs experience very high drop-out rates among their employees, particularly at the level of field staff. Industry average of staff drop-out is estimated to be 35%, on an annual basis*. MFIs have reported drop-out rates up to 52%**.

Our interaction with MFI field staff indicate that they experience significant anxiety in their day to day work, which is one of the reasons for the staff drop-outs.

M2i conducted an empirical research to identify factors which cause anxiety for the loan officers. Findings of the research is presented in the report which can be accessed by clicking the link below.

33Anxieties Research – 16 April 2015

*Microfinance India – Social Performance Report, 2013

** Report of Human Resource Management in Microfinance Institutions: The state of Practice, 2014

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