Training Workshops: Financial Analysis for MFIs

M2i invites participation for a three day training workshop on “Financial Analysis for MFIs’. This course intends to acquaint participants with the indicators, tools and benchmarks used for the purpose of analysing the performance of Microfinance Institutions. M2i has trained over 30,000 individuals from learning MFIs, Banks and financial institutions in various countries. Participants have found our trainings very useful and have reported enhancement in technical skill as well as increase in confidence levels.


The training will be organized in a ‘Live Virtual’ format over three days. The trainers and participants will interact over Zoom Video calls. Case studies, presentations, exercises and games will be used for effective assimilation of concepts. ‘Breakout Rooms’ feature of Zoom will be used for group discussions and assignments by the participants. 

Participants will also extensively use ‘M2i Trainings’ mobile application during the training workshop. The app will have videos, e-books, games and quizzes, relevant to the training. The content on M2i Trainings mobile application will be available to the participants even after completion of the training.

Fees: Rs 8,000 (USD125)
Date: 20-22 May 2021

2.30 PM to 5.30 PM (IST)
9.00 AM to 12.00 Noon (GMT)

Format: Live Virtual


  • Loan Portfolio related concepts
  • Analysing credit risk
  • Cost Volume and Profit (CVP) analysis
  • Elements of financial statements
  • Efficiency and profitability analysis
  • Capital adequacy and implications
  • Liquidity analysis of financial statements
  • National and international benchmarks

Who will benefit

  • Senior and middle level managers of MFIs
  • Bankers and other investors interested in the microfinance sector
  • Analysts and consultants
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate students

Technical requirements

  • Desktop or laptop computer with video calling facility
  • High speed internet to support video calls


Certificates will be issued to the participants once they successfully complete quizzes and assignments.

About M2i

M2i has been working in the financial inclusion space since 2006. We have advised banks, development financial institutions, equity investors, MFIs, donors and industry associations on a wide variety of aspects including Risk Management, business due diligence, loan portfolio audit and Business Planning. We have trained over 30,000 individuals through physical and virtual workshops as well as through our training application.

About the trainers

Deepak Alok: An MBA from IRMA, Deepak is one of the Co-founders of M2i. Deepak has advised and trained MFIs, Banks investors, NGOs across 15 countries in Asia and Africa. Deepak has 19 years of experience in Risk Management, Microfinance, MSME Finance and project management. 

Atul: An MBA from IRMA, Atul has 19 years of experience in microfinance, banking and market research. Atul is an expert in Financial Management and Multivariate Statistical Modeling. Statistical and financial analysis have been his area of expertise. Atul has worked in six countries of Asia and Africa. He has conducted workshops on microfinance and multivariate analysis for national and international corporates.