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Date :- Friday, October 5, 2018

M2i Consulting believes that women have the right to work with dignity and without discrimination in a safe workplace environment. We have been helping our clients in building and maintaining gender sensitive workplaces that are free of harassment. Over the years, some of our work related to gender is:

Gender Sensitisation Trainings

M2i has conducted Gender Sensitization trainings for senior managers, and employees of Companies. The Training provides Companies ways to become gender sensitive at their workplace and foster an inclusive work environment.

Awareness Workshops for Companies’ Staff on POSH

M2i has conducted awareness workshops for the staff on POSH. The workshop involves informing the staff about their rights and guide them on the prevention of such cases in their organizations. The course material has real-life examples which are relevant for the Indian Companies.

Gender Mainstreaming through Policies and Processes

M2i has helped various organizations achieve gender mainstreaming through various gender-specific policies and processes such as development and application of HR Policy keeping in mind anti-discriminatory processes, POSH policy, Social Performance Management Policy, development of Code of Conduct assessment tool which can help organizations in specifically understanding the behaviour of its staff towards its female clients.

Gender Specific Market Research

M2i through its various market research assignments has focussed on an in-depth analysis of differences in the needs and constraints of male vis a vis female loan borrowers. Some of our assignments had a specific focus on female entrepreneurs wherein our objective was to assess the financial needs and preferences of these female entrepreneurs.
Many of our researches for Micro Financial institutions, donor agencies like, Government are designed to capture the challenges of female borrowers (especially in respect of lack of access to credit, decision making, discretion on using collateral etc.) so that strategies can be suggested for their financial inclusion.

Gender Specific Product Development

Our Gender specific market research helps us in understanding the specific needs and constraints of male and female clients, which is then utilized for developing a gender-specific design and delivery mechanism for loan products.

Impact Assessment

M2i has conducted various impact assessment studies to understand the changes in the well-being of the households, especially women, after gender-specific project such as financial literacy training, sanitation loans.

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