Project :- Implementation and mentoring of Microfinance programmes

Category :- Our Work

Date :- Wednesday, December 31, 2014

M2i Consulting has wide experience of implementation of microfinance programmes. We have helped organizations to roll out microfinance operations in new areas. M2i has successfully implemented and handed over microfinance as a new business line for many finance companies and banks wanting to down-scale.

M2i also provides mentorship support to small and medium MFIs. It helps them to establish sound and ethical management practices with appropriate loan products and processes. M2i helps these MFIs in expanding their operations by providing sustained on field and off-field consulting for one to two years. In most of the cases M2i would start with a diagnostic assessment on the basis of which an intervention plan is prepared.  The following aspects are covered in the diagnostic assessments.

  • Clear mission and vision with focus on sustainability
  • A fairly detailed operational manual
  • Un-ambiguous loans, savings and insurance products
  • Prudent operational and financial policies
  • An accurate and effective MIS
  • Error-free, responsive and efficient  accounting system
  • An optimal capital structure and
  • Social performance management system


M2i has provided such support to over 30 MFIs across the country in states like Gujarat, West Bengal, UP, Uttaranchal, Orissa, Delhi and Haryana.

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