There are many institutions that would like an external review of their overall performance. Ratings prove very costly for them and they also run the risk of getting a poor grade. Such organizations find our assessments very useful.

M2i assesses institutions on the following aspects:

  • Quality of the Board and its functioning
  • Appropriateness of its operational strategies
  • Its growth plans and strategy for sustainability
  • Quality of human resources
  • Effectiveness of accounting system and MIS
  • Quality of internal control systems
  • Appropriateness of business plans
  • Portfolio quality
  • Operating efficiency and profitability
  • Capital adequacy
  • Legal compliances

M2i’s reports not only assess but provide recommendations on the specific issues identified in the diagnostic assessment which help them enhance their performance.

M2i has conducted over 100 such assessments on behalf of a various agencies like ICICI Bank, Plan International, MISFA-Afghanistan and FEM-Italy. Some of the MFIs have also commissioned these assessments on their own.