Many MFIs and early stage enterprises find it difficult to grow as they lack equity capital. Most MFIs and many enterprises do not have any experience with private equity or hybrid instruments. At the same time they are attractive equity investment destinations given their unique proposition of social as well as economic returns. We offer to help such MFIs and social enterprises value their equity and negotiate with the investors.

M2i advises on capital structure and helps institutions to align capital structures with their objectives. In our capital advisory following issues are addressed:

  • Control
  • Cost of capital
  • Leverage
  • Maturity
  • Fixed versus variable payments
  • Seniority
  • Currency
  • Contingencies

M2i has undertaken capital structuring and valuation assignments in India and Cambodia. M2i has advised MFIs and investment funds such as Bamboo Finance, Concern Worldwide (Ireland), Glimmer (Hong Kong), CapStone in valuations and capital structuring.