Our services for Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) enable them to have efficient and customer focused operational processes, build appropriate risk management environment and achieve their financial and social objectives.

Risk Management

We help MFIs to develop comprehensive risk management framework.

Code of Conduct Assessments

M2i has been global pioneer in Code of Conduct Assessments. Our Code of Conduct Assessment measures performance of the MFIs on ethical behaviour and responsible lending practices.


We conduct trainings for the MFIs on technical issues and soft skills. We also perform training needs assessments and develop training modules

Social performance management

We help MFIs to achieve their social performance objectives.

Diagnostic assessments

Diagnostic assessments help those MFIs who want an external review of their overall performance.

Capital structuring and valuation

We offer to help MFIs and other social enterprises in equity valuation and negotiating with potential investors.

Business planning

M2i prepares comprehensive business plans for the MFIs with medium to long-term perspective.

Implementation and mentoring

M2i Consulting has wide experience of implementation of microfinance operations.

Research and country studies

M2i has undertaken extensive research using primary and secondary data on microfinance.

Loan portfolio audit

Our loan portfolio audits helps in checking compliance of MFIs’ practices with their policies and identifying credit and operational risks.

MSME Financing

We advise banks, MFIs and other stakeholders to improve access of finance to MSMEs.